In order to include the expectations of the scientific community, EuWireless consideres three different use cases to drive the design decisions and to validate the solutions:

  • The connected cars case contains most of the problems solved by the new infrastructure: large scale to guarantee coverage and to include the effects of different locations, multiple operators (and countries) in the route, communications of high speed vehicles, reliability, etc. The focus of this use case is the validation from a vertical research area perspective.

  • GÉANT Testbed Service currently provides network researchers with access to wide area wired network facilities in order to deploy and evaluate novel or experimental concepts at scale. This use case will be use to validate if the new design can fit on the virtualization model employed by GÉANT testbeds.

  • PerformNetworks is an existing wireless testbed, which provides a full LTE network deployment. This use case will be use to evaluate how the design could have an impact on existing mobile networks.