This is the list of papers published in journals or presented at conferences.

EuWireless: Design of a pan-European Mobile Network Operator for ResearchProc. EuCNC 2018Short Paper2018
A pan-European infrastructure for research in mobile networksProc. JCSD 2018Regular Paper2018
Expanding GÉANT Testbeds Service to Support Pan-European 5G Network Slices for Research in the EuWireless ProjectMobile Information ArticleSystems
Volume 2019,
Open Access Article2019
Current experiences and lessons learned towards defining pan-European mobile network operator for research – based on EU project EuWirelessPrzegląd Telekomunikacyjny I Wiadomości TelekomunikacyjneConference paper2019
Is GEANT Testbeds Service compliant with ETSI MANO?JCSD 2019Regular Paper/ Presentation2019