The EuWireless project will run from January 1st 2018 to December 31st 2020. The consortium composed of 6 partners is funded by the EU Commission under the H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 777517.

The objective of EuWireless is to develop the design of the first pan-European infrastructure to support research in mobile communication networks using regulated spectrum, with the goal of contributing to keep Europe’s leadership in mobile communication technologies. The output of the project will be a complete design report addressing the pan-European operator, the regulatory aspects, the business model, the technical solutions and the roadmap for implementation of the proposed infrastructure, as well as prototypes that confirm its feasibility.

The following table describes more specific objectives of the proposal and how they are addressed by the consortium.

ObjectiveHow it is addressed by EuWireless
To identify requirements and barriers to support large scale research on mobile networks using regulated spectrum.Analysis of real requirements for the scientific community and research industrial centres regarding the new research infrastructure. Study of national and European regulations that allow or prevent research in this area (spectrum, security, privacy, other). Identification of the candidate technologies that can contribute to the solution. All these conceptual and technical activities are carried out in the WP1 devoted to Requirements.
To design technical solutions for a shared pan-European research mobile network.Theoretical and practical evaluation of technical solutions at all levels of the architecture, and provision of several design choices all of them compliant with current standards. These are technical activities in WP2 devoted to Technical Design.
To design the implementation strategy and the governance model of the new infrastructure.Work around the evaluation of the applicability of the approach to some uses cases followed by the evaluation of the implementation and operation cost, the funding opportunities, the business model and the governance rules of the new infrastructure. These are conceptual activities in WP3 Infrastructure Planning.
To make all the potential stakeholders aware of the output of the project.Active dissemination and networking with potential users, operators and decision makers like the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI), European Commission, ETSI, national funding agencies, national regulators, and other groups. All these activities are carried out in WP4 devoted to Dissemination and Exploitation.